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Generators, motor pumps, engines, heat generators, concrete mixers, etc. ELEKON

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying generators, welding units, welding machines, marine power plants, motor pumps, engines, heat generators, heat guns, concrete mixers. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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For more than 17 years, Elekon Power has been one of the leading domestic manufacturers of equipment for various purposes, including portable generators that meet the most stringent quality criteria in the field of reliability, durability, technical and operational excellence.
  • reliability

    Multi-level inspections are carried out at the enterprise. The company is equipped with computer test benches and highly qualified employees, which guarantees a high level of reliability of its products.
  • service

    Authorized ELEKON service centers are equipped with special equipment and tools, technical documentation necessary for high-quality maintenance and repair of generators.

    The range of models of ELECON power plants includes an optimal set of generators, which allows you to meet any needs of customers, guaranteeing the supply of equipment that can work smoothly for many years.

ELEKON catalog

Generators, welding units, welding machines, marine power plants, motor pumps, engines, heat generators, heat guns, concrete mixers
  • Concrete mixers ELEKON
    Concrete mixers
    EPM46, EPM115, EPM180, etc.
  • Gas-fired heat guns ELEKON
    Gas-fired heat guns
    FA-50P, TT-15S, etc.
  • Fuel-fired heat guns ELEKON
    Fuel-fired heat guns
    FA-45K, FA-125K, FA-210K, etc.
  • Alternators ELEKON
    GS-10-230, GS-500-400, etc.
  • Generators up to 10 kW ELEKON
    Generators up to 10 kW
    KDE3500E,EPD2800E,EPG2500P, etc.
  • Generators over 10 kW ELEKON
    Generators over 10 kW
    KDA19EAO, KDA20SSO3, etc.
  • Engines for generators ELEKON
    Engines for generators
    KM2V80, ED480, etc.
  • Marine engines ELEKON
    Marine engines
    WD615, 6170, 8170, etc.
  • Engines for trucks ELEKON
    Engines for trucks
    WP10-Bus, WD615-Truck, etc.
  • Engines up to 10 hp ELEKON
    Engines up to 10 hp
    DH178, ED186, KG200, EP168, etc.
  • Infrared heaters ELEKON
    Infrared heaters
    WKH110, PFA-60K, CAMP-25, etc.
  • Welding units ELEKON
    Welding units
    EPDW190E, KDE6500EW, etc.
  • Power plants on the chassis ELEKON
    Power plants on the chassis
    30GFT-992, 100GFT-992, etc.
  • Diesel motor pumps ELEKON
    Diesel motor pumps
    KDP30, KDP40, TPD78, etc.
  • Petrol pumps ELEKON
    Petrol pumps
    PG36, PG60, PG96E, TPG80, etc.
  • High pressure washers ELEKON
    High pressure washers
    PWG170, PWG205, etc.

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